ArmA 2 Free!

8 Jul 2011 by ]NTRUDER
[XSYS] celebrated the recent release of ArmA 2 Free by setting up a server dedicated to this much appreciated freebie gem :) The server is currently running medium-sized coop missions and so far we have seen a lot newcomers stopping by to learn the ropes. And we say BRING IT ON! You are all very welcome to the ArmA community! The server is found at IP: (Alternatively, just filter on ‘xsys’ in the in-game browser.)

ACE 2 is released!

7 Dec 2009 by ]NTRUDER
The wait is over – ACE 2 is finally here! That’s right, the mod that changed the ArmA community forever is back in a brand new outfit. The [XSYS] server is running ACE 2 so jump in and have some fun!