The new hero of Stalingrad

Hear hear! Turbulence is now a proud owner of Red Orchestra 2 :) So Turb and me decided to team up tonight for a few rounds of gritty WW2 warfare.
We had a blast blasting away both human and AI enemies like there was no tomorrow. You line ‘em up, we shoot ‘em down! Here are some screens from our adventure:

German onslaught

loveitorleaveit (a.k.a. wrAthchild) and EIdorado tearing it up.

Me and wrAthchild had a nice time playing RO2 Saturday evening. Dressed up as Wehrmacht soldiers we enjoyed a few rounds of Territory on “Station” and “Apartments”.
The server was packed with AI players which gave us an opportunity to get some easy kills and rewards ;) This was especially true for wrAthchild (RO2 nick loveitorleaveit) who just started playing RO2 and need some solid play time to get used to the maps, sights, recoil etc. I could also use some more time with this awesome game to fully understand, and appreciate, its many depths :)

Monday night action

Tonight’s BF3 session on Sharqi ended up in a lovely pistol/knife affair towards the end of the round :)
TurbuIence and Porco gave us a hard fight in spite of being one man short.
Before we went handguns only, guest star HereticHeathen of the FTIV clan proved himself time and again with his mighty auto shotgun. wrAthchild joined in for a short while but unfortunately had to leave due to some annoying BF3 crashes. Hopefully he will get that sorted before the next BF3 night. Good game all!

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is an awesome experience if you are into realistic WW2 shooters. Though I have yet to see one that could match the gameplay and feel of RO2.
Excellent graphics and lighting combined with great sounds and projectile simulation. Oh, and did I mention dismemberment?
This is cruel, dirty and unforgiving house-to-house combat. One bullet is all it takes…
Great deal now on RO2 over at Just saying ;)