About us

In October 2005 Daniel and Fredrik hosted a BF2 LAN in the office where they both worked. Shortly afterwards the decision was made to put together a BF2 clan that would play friendly games on public servers. The clan was named [XSYS] and the emphasis was on teamwork and kicking digital butts :)

Nowadays, however, most of our members spend their [XSYS] time playing ArmA 2 or BF3.

Our members are currently all Swedish and you will likely find us either on our dedicated ArmA 2 server (filter on ‘xsys’), or on a public server running “Insurgency” co-op.
For Battlefield 3 you will find us easily in Battlelog with a platoon search for ‘[xsys]‘.
We are usually most active on Monday and Friday nights and we use TeamSpeak 3 for voice communication