DayZ: Tales of an Airfield Adventure

It’s not a lie. The legendary northwest airport is really there. We know because we made it there the other day.
The zombies were plentyful, that part is definitely true. But we searched in vain for the good loot… We came all that way only to discover nothing but beans and road flares…almost. An occasional AK here and there made us feel a bit better. But what about the great tales of the mythical NW airfield in all its looty glory? Maybe we arrived there on a bad day. We will probably have another go again soon… Because the 1337 loot has got to be there. It’s got to!

Join the fight for survival in DayZ!

Fancy killing hords of zombies or acting like a jerk while robbing and murdering your fellow players in a persistant world? Good! Get the massively popular ArmA 2 mod “DayZ” now!

Project TAKEDOWN – make it happen!

Please folks, chip in to make this game a reality. I already gave some money via Kickstarter and I hope more gamers, especially fans of the original Rainbow 6 and SWAT series, will open their wallets for this daring and awesome endeavour.

Check out this video starring developer Christian Allen:

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The new hero of Stalingrad

Hear hear! Turbulence is now a proud owner of Red Orchestra 2 :) So Turb and me decided to team up tonight for a few rounds of gritty WW2 warfare.
We had a blast blasting away both human and AI enemies like there was no tomorrow. You line ‘em up, we shoot ‘em down! Here are some screens from our adventure: